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We are grateful for the numerous individuals and businesses that sponsor our event; many since inception. For as little as a $250 donation, you can be recognized as a partner and supporter of the Bill Kelly Jr. Memorial Fund. We ask that you take the time to review and patron the many exceptional businesses that continue to make a significant financial commitment.


Allen Family
Tom Lenaham
Dr. Dan Vile

Double Eagle
Callan & Moeleer
Paul Troy
Global Indemnity

Bob & Gail Cusick
Barnabas Health
Murphy & Riley, P.C.
Sweet & Pasquarelli, Esq
Riley, Janiczek, McDevitt
Robert & Jody Redmond
Dr. Mark Hatala
Donahue, Patrick, Scott, LLC
Michael Pechin
Richard Bowers

Joel Citron
Clari & John Crocker
Louis Keifer
Cranes Tavern
Noreen Delkers
F.P. Duffy
Robert & Beth Martinez
Kathy & Bill Hil
Richard McAdams
McCaffrey’s Market
Chris and Suzen Duncan
Mimi & Tim Lorellangezi
David Wald
Ray Armstrong
Fusion Employer Services

Michael Allen
Richard Allen
Kristen Allen
Kathryn Allen
Kevin Allen
Mark Allen
Bill Beynette
Regina Brown
F. Scott Carlin
Collen Legal
Andrea Cofrancesco
Joseph Cooney, Esq
Patrick Coakley
Dr MaryAlice Cheney
Michael Ducey
Edward Dandrea
Jack & Bobbie Devlin
Pamela Erickson
Charles Gutowski
Ann Hyjurick
Harry Hill
Timothy Kelly
Eugene Kelly
Patrcick McMahon
Joan Magee
Robert Martinez
Kip Naugle
Jaon Naylor
Thomas Ostrowski
Tom&Joan Obrien
Richard Powers
Jack Phelan
Richard Petrucco
David Petrucco
Michele Ross
Joseph Ridgeway
Thomas Ready
Kelly Sheppard
Marie Schurr
Adam Szopinski
Melanie Towne
Fred Villanova
Kim Worthington
Carolee Wolfcamp
Marion Wood
Thomas Zaleski
Joan Rosenblatt
Tom Valentine
George & Lynn Mountain
Dr & Mrs William Barry